About BTC Groups

BTC Groups has been delivering the finest travel and transportation experiences for over 30 years, we work to support our clients in their busy lives by providing lifestyle management and concierge services. Under Lee's leadership, we are dedicated to partnering with premium and luxury travel companies who strive to provide their clients with high quality and innovative travel experiences in all four corners of the world. 


Our Approach

Dedicated to safety and reliability, our approach combines singular service from the airport to your place. 

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Safe and Secure Travel

We offer VIP Assistance Service with SHA+ Private Transfer. Travel confidently in sanitized premium vehicles, equipped with hand-sanitizer, wipe.

Driving with Gloves

Safe Lanes

No matter how long the journey is, we've got you covered.

Upgrade your

All chauffeurs are well-trained to ensure you get most comfortable behind the wheel.

Concierge Service

Private Travel

Long-distance rides, one way or return, personalized distancing and special delivery.


Our Quality Guarantee

What is SHA? Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) is a unique certification scheme aimed to prepare the Thai tourism industry for the recovery period post-COVID-19 pandemic and enhance confidence amongst international and domestic tourists.

BTC has passed strict inspections, we proud to announce that we were awarded the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) certification from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, will continue to ensure high hygiene and uphold the highest health and safety standards.

Expert service from the moment you arrive, 
from water to sky.